Project Portfolio Management

Most organisations have a host of good ideas they want to implement, but balancing strategic and tactical needs against a background of: numerous demands on limited resources limited / fixed funding and the ability of organisations to deliver and adapt to change is often such a difficult activity that most, if not all, organisations struggle, especially with the complexity of the prioritisation/decision making process.

Organisations need a stepped approach to establish good governance and control of their portfolio. The minimum steps required are:

Agree a core set of prioritisation measures (as the scope of the portfolio needs to be understood – gather data on projects and programmes such as business cases, sponsor, resource information, business information such as objectives etc., and plan dates.
Establish portfolio governance to control the pipeline.
Set up the portfolio management office to optimise investment.
With out these companies will be unable to manage effectively numerous demands on limited resources. This will result in limited and fixed funding for business projrcts that could give high return for the company and a mixed bag of smaller projects that give a mixed message to the market place. Most importantly it will restrict the ability of organisation to delivery and adapt to change.

Our prime objective is to delivery of benefits to the business. Our method and approach means that pre-determined project tasks and the control of risk, aSource Global will work with your organisation and in particular the stakeholders to deliver complex programmes in the context of changing and challenging business pressures.

The foundation of our methodology is to divide delivery into short stages that centre on the expected benefits. With regular communications with stakeholders and those who need to embrace the changes there is a high degree the flexibility to adjust as the world around changes.

With the use of easy to use graphical tools to track and report on the project milestones and deliverables, combined with aSource Global Senior consultants, we can with your organisation manage effectively numerous demands on limited resource. Ensuring returns to your stakeholders give the greatest benefit, whilst embracing changes to move forward.

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