• JL2
  • Sector Expertise and Key Skills
    Hedge Funds Investment Management, Asset managers, Wealth Management, Mutual Funds.

    Managing Business Transformation and Change projects from start-up to completion.
    Setting-up new ventures, projects, operating models and products.
    Resolving funding, contractual, compliance and governance issues.

Jane Linney has over 16 years of experience leading teams of operational staff in creating secure and well developed environments. Eight years executive board experience and two as a non-executive in addition to a number of regulatory encounters with financial regulators across the globe qualifies her to help you build up your business into an entity in which a financial regulator would have confidence and be able to examine with a minimum of impact.

Her practical approach has assisted corporations to prioritize the core trading business to maximise profits. Her expertise and skill has enables her to achieve results while only making subtle alterations in the operational aspects meaning changes can effected without disruption to either clients or internal operations.

In the 26 years Jane has spent in the City many have been spent building relationships with counterparties and clients to a mutual benefit. This experience and lateral thinking enables her in finding bespoke solutions to achieve the business objectives of your particular organization while moulding it to one in which the regulators are comfortable.

Jane has sat on boards of UK, Irish and British Virgin Islands regulated investment management companies as well as the main board of an Irish PLC licensed as a UCITS and multiple British Virgin Islands public, private and professional mutual funds. In addition to this Jane has experience as a regulated Compliance Officer and MLRO, UK Company Secretary and holds a Certificate in Company Direction from the UK Institute of Directors.

Email: jane.linney@asourceglobal.com
Phone: + 44 (0) 207 558 8163