• IJS2
  • Sector Expertise and Key Skills
    Investment Management, International Banking, Wealth Management and Private Banking

    Change design, programme and project mobilisation and leadership, regulatory change, change governance, benefit realisation, organisational design, project and programme rescue, change mentoring

Highly experienced business change manager. Expert in structured change and benefit realisation Ian has a proven record as a leader and architect of change across financial services.

Ian blends a strong technical background with a keen appreciation of the people aspects of change and an innovative and creative approach to programme management, communication and stakeholder management. He is able to initiate, deliver and where necessary rescue change initiatives across financial services. He has had notable success in transformation initiatives and establishing new working relationships with external partners.

Over the last 20 years he has had an increasing involvement with the torrent of regulatory change flooding financial services. He is knowledge and experience enables him to understand the implications and opportunities inherent in the regulatory change and to then catalyse the work of mutli-disciplinary teams in creating effective responses and solutions.

Ian has worked across many corporate and geographic cultures and appreciates the difference this makes to their readiness and ability to absorb change. He is able to adapt his style to the circumstance.

His current passion is for smarter ways of delivering change in a world that is increasingly complex and demanding and moving and an ever faster pace.

Phone: + 44 (0) 207 558 8163