• BS2
  • Sector Expertise and Key Skills
    Investment Banking, Private Banks, Insurance, Utilities, Energy & Commodity suppliers, Asset Management, Public Organisations, Financial Service Providers

    Business Strategy & Architecture, Programme & Project leadership, Psychological Operational Risk (people risk), Organisational Audits, Thought Leadership, Executive Coaching, Training and Communication. Psychoanalyst, Psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguist Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy

Bansi has over 25 years as a Senior Business strategist & architect and executive coach with significant experience defining and implementing People & Change transformations for Private and Public sector clients comprising: Tier 1 Retail & Investment Banks; Global and Niche Asset & Fund Managers; Utility, Energy & Commodity suppliers; Government Departments including Health and Defence; Tier 1 and Niche consultancies, Lloyds Syndicates and top 10 Insurers, Working with c-suite leadership teams, Bansi has influenced change by advising and coaching stakeholders on how best to embed and reinforce new behavioural and cultural change, whilst minimising underperformance, essential to maximise benefits of new target business & operating models.
Through his experience and research, Bansi has identified the principle cause for organisational initiatives failing to meet their ROI. He has in parallel, whilst working towards his doctorate as a Psychotherapist, published a number of papers breaking new ground on the emergence of Psychological Operation risk – risk associated with irrational decisions made by stakeholders when under highly stressed emotive mental states. Bansi has found that by mitigating Psychological Operational Risk organisations realise the desired gain in competitiveness, improvement in productivity and financial performance, as well as significant improvement in staff motivation & retention and wellbeing.

Email: bansi.shah@asourceglobal.com
Phone: + 44 (0) 207 558 8163