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  • Every environment is different, and the aSource Global able to meet the specific requirements of the environment being considered.
    Besides being able to offer such services as Network Support, aSource Global has in depth understanding of moving support for Applications in particular to near or offshore model.

    The milestones below illustrate a typical development project and are based on our experience of successful offshore delivery.

    First and foremost a dedicated onshore team is key to the quality of the work produced. The local onsite team will acquire a full understanding of the local business environment, the objectives to be achieved and, in spite of the time zone differences, most problems will be resolved before the start of the next working day.
    aSource Global’s structured methodology for Application Maintenance and Support relies on careful planning to ensure that the appropriate knowledge is acquired at each stage before moving forward to the full offshore model. By following a thoroughly constructed phased transfer, progression from one phase to the next is dependent on milestones being achieved and targets reached. This enables the transition to offshore maintenance and achieves projected benefits whilst managing and controlling the project in a seamless manner.

  • Features

    Dedicated onshore or offshore help desk number, with local or remote diagnostic capabilities
    First and second-level production support requests, including full diagnostic problem resolution
    Temporary work-arounds and shared repository bug-fixing
    Secure offsite server backup facilities
    Product enhancement and customisation requests, with fully integrated version control and configuration management

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The Application Maintenance Life Cycle for offshore has four major stages:

1. Onsite Assessment and Planning

Initial Orientation and Project Planning
Infrastructure analysis
Detailed Application Product study
Documentation review
Initial Transition and Knowledge Transfer plans
Agree initial Service Levels with business and technical owners
Resource Scheduling

2. Knowledge Transfer and Transition Phase

Knowledge Transfer, including in-depth Application and Code review
Transition Plan implementation
Agree Service Level Improvement Roadmap

3. Offsite, Onshore Application Support and Maintenance

Blended onshore and offsite cover

4. Transfer to Offshore Support and Maintenance

Phased transition into full offshore support
On-going Application Maintenance

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