FCA/PRA Authorisation

FCA/PRA Authorisation – Realising Business Potential

Gaining FCA/PRA authorisation is a major milestone for any financial organisation who wishes to operate any product service or activity that is regulated by the FCA/PRA.With authorisation comes both greater opportunity to realised the true potential of a business and the responsibility that ensures a good working relationship with the FCA/PRA and an enhanced standing with your marketplace or clients.

Many organisations do not even consider obvious business opportunities whilst other just ignore the potential believing that authorisation is too complex daunting or beyond their resources. Even beyond the initial application is how to keep business processes and operations complaint and cost effective.

Some of the key implications of any application are:

  • What permissions are required?
  • What capital is required and how should it be structured?
  • What documentation is required for processes or policies?
  • What is required from the executive and management?
  • What IT systems are required and how will they be implemented and maintained?
  • What training is required?
  • How do you create a business case to ensure you maximise profits?

The need for many organisations from the inception of an idea is how to gain from any benefits and start the process, without over committing resources ensuring there is clear roadmap to success. For others it is to ensure compliance within their existing business model.
aSource Global can assist on these key decisions with our consultants who have already successfully obtained FCA/PRA authorisation for organisations. The aSource Global Authorisation method and process can assist you in developing an application pack, internal business case and implementing a target business/operating model.

The benefits of the aSource Method and process are that with clear well defined steps at each stage and user defined deliverables any investment can be closely managed and resources applied when required.

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