CATALYST: Training

Employee training, a hugely important element for business growth, often suffers to get the recognition of the value it provides on the grounds that it is too difficult to quantify return on investment to justify the training cost.

Right training and development greatly enhances employee engagement by nurturing talent, helping employees acquire skills and knowledge to improve their performance – generating a 5% increase in employee productivity for 1% investment in training [5], and providing opportunity to increase the variety in their role [1]. Appropriate training also engenders a feeling, amongst employees, of being valued by their firm for the part they play, However while training does have an impact on employee performance, it will have a short shelf life unless it is supported by increased employee engagement [6]. A disengaged employee will not generate the rise in productivity no matter how much training is provided [2]. Whereas an engaged employee who does not receive any job training can still have a positive affect on productivity, which will be further boosted when appropriate training is provided [3].However training employees without a specific objective (for both the organisation and employee’s aims in mind) will fail to deliver the required benefits [8].

Therefore training is a powerful catalyst to enhance employee engagement [3], confidence and motivation [7], inspiring staff to achieve more, injecting fresh skills into the business, helping to generate new ideas and revenue streams all of which lead to a healthier bottom line [4].

Tailored training is a catalyst that boosts employee performance and subsequently facilitating and expediting any ROI required from any investment.

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