Who We Are

  • Why aSource Global?

    We are a Management Consultancy providing highly experienced (executive management level) consultants specialising in providing services focused on new projects, management, regulatory compliance and risk particularly in the Financial Services industry. Our consultants bring their extensive practical experience to understand your corporate initiatives and ensure that the transformation or changes you require are implemented.

    Our consultants have spent many years working e.g. in Insurance, Retail and Capital Markets operations, and will ensure that any solution implemented is relevant for your aims and objectives. We have designed aSource Global so that you can save the very large overheads normally charged for such experts, and we have a strong desire to build lasting relationships with our clients

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Constant focus on client needs

We are relentless in our pursuit of client success. Only when our client wins, can we win. We take pragmatic approach to understanding the real needs of our clients: We listen to them. Then we deliver world-class strategic problem-solving and tactical solutions to help our clients succeed in the marketplace.
We are creative problem solvers. We use our practical knowledge to create methods and processes that help clients better understand constantly-evolving regulatory needs. Armed with regulatory insights, we develop solutions that are easy to understand and what progress has been made and provide the road map to success. Practical knowledge is the base for our foundations and we will use it to challenge the idea not the person.
Relationships built on integrity
aSource Global is in the people business. Relationships are the currency of our success. Personal and professional integrity is at the core of our relationships. We are entrusted with sensitive and critical information from our clients and associates, and we honour that trust. We value our relationships and, in return, provide value to those relationships. We treat our clients and associates with unwavering respect. Trust counts and personal relationships matter.
The Financial markets are a very close knit community. Therefore we participate at all levels within our selected marketplaces and ensure we are known for our expertise, integrity and professional ability. We also participate both at personal and professional levels with a hands-on involvement in charitable and community issues, giving an opportunity to spend the working day part in refreshment as well as labour.