About us


Founded in 2004, aSource Global started as a UK and European services company specialising in lowering the cost and risk of projects by using Senior Industry Resources from various countries around the world and has developed into a Management Consultancy specialising in services focused on Regulatory Compliance and Risk for the Financial Services industry.

The overall mission of aSource Global is to provide our clients with the highest quality services at the fairest price, within the framework of flexible relationships designed to cement lasting partnerships based on mutual value and respect.

We integrate commercial experience with technology expertise to deploy the right combination of skills to meet the goals of the assignment. We aim to integrate quickly with the customer team and to ensure that the overall business objectives are understood, agreed and shared.

We are equally adept at working within the line in our clients’ organisations or establishing and running project teams sourced from aSource Global, client and third-party personnel. We have close working relationships with associate companies that allow us to complement our range of services for the benefit of the client.

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